Susan T. Dinnocenti, Ph.D.

Meet Coach Sue

Hi there, I am Susan T. Dinnocenti, and I Welcome you to Transitioning “Autistic Children” or “Children with Autism”- (your terming is respected).susan t. dinnocenti tree

Do you ever feel like Giving Up? – Yes, throwing it (feelings, frustrations, people, even good things…) all away and finding a cave to hang out in and hoping no one finds you?  Even if it’s just for a day or possibly a week, please remember you are not alone.  As caregivers of autistic children your list of personal, professional, and family responsibilities may grow exponentially and get out of control without a team of people to assist.  Although building a team sounds like one more task to take on, there are ways to create a support arm without venturing out to some foreign cave.

Over the last 30 years I have seen children with autism through the lenses of: a classroom teacher; a friend of families; and as an older cousin.  These lenses have brought both visions of pleasure and pain as I have witnessed family members speak and act in harsh ways towards a child with autism due to their personal unawareness of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and I have observed other families figure out what is best for the child by planning with the child on a day to day basis – and sometimes a minute by minute basis. Although feeling and experiencing pleasure and happiness is certainly the goal parents have for every child, the reality is it takes work, and with autistic children it takes the work of many.

Autistic children can offer many talents and ideas to make life better for all people they just need a voice with a plan and guidance by a community of support structures to make it happen. 

I look forward to sharing the journey and assisting parent(s) with their children, siblings, community support groups, schools, and workforce initiatives to embrace the many autistic adolescents transitioning to adulthood.

If you have questions related to planning on how to transition your child, send me an email. 

Let’s work together for thriving outcomes!

Live Positive – Live Well!
Susan T. Dinnocenti, Ph.D.